Israeli Center for Therapeutic Circular Breathing

"Breath of Life"

Healing Body and Soul through Breathing


If you are in search of a new path in your life – here you will be given an opportunity to choose a new way. You are invited to take part in a deep and sensitive experience and journey and become acquainted with "The Path for Self Discovery." You will enter an embracing space of learning and liberation, through meeting with your feelings and needs. The space is supportive, accepting and loving and in it we will guide you in listening to your breathing, by which you will be able to learn about yourselves, in your own pace.


"Breath of Life" center in Yodfat offers:

  • "The path for Self Discovery" –
    an ongoing annual workshop intended for anyone wishing to embark on a journey of self discovery , growth and healing through breathing, within a unique group working together.

  • Training for therapists –
    therapists who wish to be trained are offered a deep working process that will enable them to eventually become "Breath of Life" therapists.

  • Individual therapy -
    We believe that everything lives in the body, the memories and also the answers. One has to deepen gently into oneself in order to achieve healing and change. We will invite you to breath, move, listen to the voices within you – and by so doing  receive answers to the hidden questions waiting to be revealed by you. The meeting with the body is gentle, tender and secure. Through listening, touch, movement and speech, you will open up to spaces within you that have been locked in your body and soul, and this will intensify your process towards healing and liberation.


At the basis of "Breath of Life" stands the understanding that there is a strong connection between the body, the soul, the consciousness and the spirit.  Events of the past are engraved in us as suppressed feelings that influence our beliefs, our self-image and patterns of behavior. These accumulated feelings create muscular tension in the body and energetic blockings and in the long run this leads to pain, illness and a difficulty in realizing one's full potential.


Breathing, movement, healing touch and conversation all enable self discovery and deep healing in all levels:  physical and emotional release, changes in one's self image and inner freedom. Your breathing will accompany you in harmoniously meeting your body,  heart and  soul. You will once again discover spontaneity, freedom and innocence and find the sources for your unique individual healing and joy.


Breath of Life" opens its gates to new and old friends and invites you to the wondrous world of breathing.  


Orna and Moony Krampf, founders of "Breath of Life", teach and  lead the training and various workshops. They have 20 years work experience with both patients and therapists.  The workshops are also supported by assistants who are trainees in the "Breath of Life" program.

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